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Change is afoot!

im leaving standard wordpress blogging, thats because ive gone all fancy!!!! ive moved everything over to my new website i cannot wait for you to visit me there! its not set up properly yet, there will be lots of … Continue reading

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on other peoples thoughts

kind of carrying on from yesterday about striving for perfection and not settling for good enough is how others thoughts and what you perceive others thoughts to be impact your actions. firstly someone said to me yesterday, instead of using the word … Continue reading

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striving for perfection and being good enough.

i have all these thoughts in my head, today im rapid cycling, and its triggered by real life situations. i feel quite overwhelmed and very tired after monitoring my mood every second of today and i still havent made it to bed. … Continue reading

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Tornadoes, emotions and mania.

I wasnt going to write about Tornedos today, only because up till about 3pm this afternoon there was no reason to. i went to the mall today, met a good friend for coffee, and a great catch up, we joked … Continue reading

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just keep swimming

she has a point doesnt she? Dory i mean…. ive been working on rationalising my thoughts the past few days, doing small things that make me happy, concentrating on my family and just being easy on myself. it is the … Continue reading

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