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If you are going through hell, keep going.

ive debated with myself the merits of the post im about to write. but its in my head and i need to get it out. at the end of it will be a photo, of part of my face, its … Continue reading

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some songs i listen to when i feel a bit icky

sometimes when I feel depressed, music keeps me going, gives me a bit of hope, it ‘talks’ to me, its almost like the lyrics are what i need to hear at the time. i find hope in music, not so … Continue reading

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what do YOU expect from others?

This is in regards to mental health: (but can be taken in a personal context too im sure – if it fits for you) so much lately within so many mediums ive seen people comment that what supports, friendships, professional … Continue reading

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mood and other BiPolar crap.

my mood is admittedly shocking at the moment. im low and ick. im putting on a friendly face bouncing around like everything is fine. trying to force myself out of feeling this way. im constantly tired again, im neglecting a … Continue reading

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wanna see the result :p (hair)

This is it! although it is straightened with GHDs, i can fluff it, straightened it, flatten it, boof it, i can have products in it, no products in it, spike it, freak it, funky it, groom it, sophisticate it! i love it … Continue reading

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Hair – part 2

so my appointment is tomorrow now. not next week! i want short. funky. razor. pointy. if you look at my profile ive had something like it before. my last haircut actually. My stepsisinlaw Shannon did it, and it rocked my … Continue reading

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Hair. i need your input!! (sneaky mini prize too)

love it, or hate it, most of us have it. not icky body hair. but on your head. and i used to be such a hair geek. worked in a hair salon when i was a teenager, loved it. wanted … Continue reading

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