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on acceptance…

people say all the time, accept others for who they are, but what if you cannot accept yourself? how DO you accept yourself. is there always going to be things about you that you dont like? why is it easier … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Bun time!! (and my first giveaway!)

its Easter time! well, almost, and that means not only chocolate but the smell of the amazing mix of spices and fruit that make Hot Cross Buns! warm hot cross buns with melted butter on top, cant get much better … Continue reading

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I cant save the world. as much as i try.

Especially if i cant save myself. there is nothing more in the world that i want right now, than for all my friends and family to be happy, for everyone to be healthy, for finances to be easy, for life … Continue reading

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You are in control.

Sometimes it feels like life has taken a turn for the worst. You feel like you have lost control of your family, your health, your children are too naughty, the animals are playing up. you cannot control what people are … Continue reading

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Children and guilt.

seriously, as a parent, will we ever not have a rest from this? ha! i doubt it! no matter if its guilt inflicted on us by our own thoughts, or by the children themselves, it is a reality for every … Continue reading

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Dreams/Goals/Careers how have they changed for you?

I think back to when i was young, all my life, up until i was 16 i wanted to be – WAS GOING TO BE a Hairdresser, i would always do my sisters hair, always get mine cut in different … Continue reading

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A little less conversation, a little more action please

People can say until they are blue in the face how tolerant they are, how unbiased and understanding they can be and how supportive they are of others and their differences. the proof is in the pudding baby. they can … Continue reading

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