so what did i end up making with my frugal cupboard?

Raspberry Jam Meringue tarts

Made with sweet shortcrust pastry, raspberry jam inside and a meringue topping

Muesli Slice

fruit, nuts, seeds, muesli sample sachet, margarine, brown sugar, flour

Peach Muffins

veggie bake

potatoes, peas, tomatos, eggs, bit of milk

yes i admit, i was brought over some butter today which made making the muffins easier! but other than that, this is my something out of whatever i had.

right now im making a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies from the post before last, and then i think im completely baked out for the day!

i received a lot of ideas, via twitter, facebook and on here, which will be put into practice and i will share some soon too. its been very interesting seeing what people could come up with, and how lost (sorry!) others were when told they had only minimal ingredients to work with.

i could also have made scones, pikelets, maybe a weetbix chocolate slice, quiche, omelettes, pancakes, marmite rollups, spaghetti toasties, marmite scrolls. corn fritters, the list could go on.  when you think you have nothing, think a bit outside the square 🙂

what are your basics that you fall back on?


About yngmamac

Mama of 3, i love to craft and create, I have BiPolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, i always try to see the positives and sometimes have to remind myself of what im grateful for, i say it how i see it, i talk a lot about Mental Illness, family life, crafts, recipes and living with limited means and funds. More than Instant Noodles is about living on a budget, how to work with what you have and hopefully educate others a little too :) xox
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One Response to so what did i end up making with my frugal cupboard?

  1. Genevieve says:

    We always make like to make sure we have basics like flour, sugar, butter/marg and eggs in the house. Homebrand or store brands are cheap as. So long as we have this we’re pretty set to make almost anything Destitute Gourmet styles, especially if you have even a few fresh fruits around (muffins etc). Apple puree you can make yourself and then use it to replace or butter for a much healthier alternative, also heaps cheaper when we shop in season! We don’t bother wasting money on pre-made pastries, if we need some we find it cheaper and more satisfying to make our own! We also rely on a good supply of herbs and spices to make plain meals more interesting.

    I’m also now getting into blanching and freezing my own veges, again, grow your own or buy in season, cheaper and healthy!

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