Working on loving yourself

(in the non masty kind of way!)

something that has been said to me over the past few years, is that i have to learn to love myself, my personality, my soul, my inner and outer beauty, shake what your Mama gave ya!

its not easy, when you have so much negative self talk in and around you, when you have so many barriers and people telling you that you cant do it. it seems almost impossible at times.

but more and more often, im acknowledging the good things about myself, the positive facts about myself and im allowing myself to do this. im not letting the negative comments around me impact the fact that i CAN have times that i feel good about myself.

just my little thought of today 🙂 xox


About yngmamac

Mama of 3, i love to craft and create, I have BiPolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, i always try to see the positives and sometimes have to remind myself of what im grateful for, i say it how i see it, i talk a lot about Mental Illness, family life, crafts, recipes and living with limited means and funds. More than Instant Noodles is about living on a budget, how to work with what you have and hopefully educate others a little too :) xox
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One Response to Working on loving yourself

  1. Natasha says:

    Your little thought is a start. One that will take you far =)
    I recommend Louise L Hay. HIGHLY.
    You ARE beautiful, strong, sexy, WORTH IT, a great mum and I’m sure you will go far once you begin to love and accept yourself, just the way you are.
    Good luck.

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