Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

hmm I guess this is asking what makes me, well, Me…

most people like to follow the crowd. be one voice that mimicks many to avoid confrontation, to make others happy. im now of the point of view that noone else is going to make me happy but me, and if i have a different point of view then im going to voice that.

im tall, 6ft, being a busty 6ft tall women has both advantages and disadvantages, pants long enough being the biggest disadvantage i can think of!

i have large feet, size 12-12.5 Womens, not US sizing, but NZ sizing (there is a huge difference!) which means i cant get cheap shoes or heels from No1 or the warehouse, it means once every couple of years i have to spend a couple of hundred dollars on one pair of shoes. i REFUSE to wear mens shoes. im a women, i like to feel like  a women and i will buy womens shoes if it kills me! i bought a pair of boots this year, i have never ownedboots in my life, oh how proud of my Italian Leather Man Made boots i am, beautiful shoes, it was 3 years since my last pair (not including jandels! lol)

I have massive hands, with very long fingers

im sure i was meant to be a man lol

but i like being me, ive been to hell and back many times, ive dealt with blow after blow of bullshit, but i keep on getting back up again, dusting off my bruised ass and carrying on going.

im a fantastic mother who admits my mistakes, i seek help when i need it, and i appreciate people for who they are, not for what they can do for me.

oh yeah, and i really love Oysters 🙂

luv ya! xox


About yngmamac

Mama of 3, i love to craft and create, I have BiPolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, i always try to see the positives and sometimes have to remind myself of what im grateful for, i say it how i see it, i talk a lot about Mental Illness, family life, crafts, recipes and living with limited means and funds. More than Instant Noodles is about living on a budget, how to work with what you have and hopefully educate others a little too :) xox
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