Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

I am blessed to be the oldest of 4, i have a brother who is 2 years younger than me (and about 5 inches taller! im 6ft, hes bloody tall!)  and i have 2 sisters, one is 21 and one is 18.

im so proud of all that my siblings have achieved, they have amazing jobs, 2 have been to university (unlike their big sister!) and are still going through university,  they are strong willed, stubborn and opinionated (yes i taught them well!) they stick up for what they believe in and they dont let anyone else tell them who they are meant to be.

My siblings are my friends, they are my friends for life, will continue to be my friends for life, they are 3 people in my world that will never give up on me, they will love me regardless as i do them, they know i am there for them, i dont speak to them every day, though i dont need to, we are the true definition of a family.

Im in Auckland, John is in Wellington, Adele is in Christchurch and our baby sister Belinda is in Hamilton, as a family we have shared so much, we have held each other through pain, and we have supported each other through triumph.

i am such a proud big sister.

This is my sister Adele (21) next year shes moving up to Auckland with her Boyfriend Drew, im SO excited to have her up here, to have family in Auckland and to have one of my best friends join me up here…. we fight like all buggery at times, we are both so stubborn and we are both always right, but we have a blast. its going to be awesome to have her here. this photo was taken a couple of years ago now.  isnt she pretty!


About yngmamac

Mama of 3, i love to craft and create, I have BiPolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, i always try to see the positives and sometimes have to remind myself of what im grateful for, i say it how i see it, i talk a lot about Mental Illness, family life, crafts, recipes and living with limited means and funds. More than Instant Noodles is about living on a budget, how to work with what you have and hopefully educate others a little too :) xox
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2 Responses to Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

  1. Del says:

    Can’t wait!!! xoxo gossip girl haha

  2. Belinda says:

    love you carla. you have been such an amazing sister, a true friend who i know i can ALWAYS count on. even though we don’t always talk, i love you so much and you have been such an amazing role model, you have done amazingly well and i’ll always look up to you. love you heaps sis!!! so proud of you!!!! xxxxxx

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