Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

Welcome to Piha, i love the beach, and i love it in all weather, i have a very talented friend named Lou, who is an incredible person and an equally amazing photographer, a little over a year ago when i was about 8 months pregnant with Ben; Lou, my girls and I went to Piha to get some pre-birth photos taken.

Piha was in fine form, the wind was hard, the waves were gorgeous, the tide was out, bluebottle jellyfish everywhere, the kids played and learnt about the creepy wobbly things in the sand, looked at the caves, played, ran, jumped, it was cold, windy, but it was beautiful.

The beach is one of my favourite places, and one where i dont get to enough, i can go in any weather, enjoy, or reflect, think or collect.


About yngmamac

Mama of 3, i love to craft and create, I have BiPolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, i always try to see the positives and sometimes have to remind myself of what im grateful for, i say it how i see it, i talk a lot about Mental Illness, family life, crafts, recipes and living with limited means and funds. More than Instant Noodles is about living on a budget, how to work with what you have and hopefully educate others a little too :) xox
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